Kindle Scribe | Amazon Launches the First E-Reader with Stylus Pen Support

Recently on Tuesday Amazon has launched its Kindle Scribe, which will support Stylus Pen. It means through this new kindle e-reader now you can’t just read but can draw and annotate too.

Kindle Scribe
Amazon Kindle Scribe/ Pic: Amazon

After introducing its first kindle in 2007, Amazon continues to tweak its popular e-readers to keep them relevant in the marketplace.

Hence going beyond the reading only this new Kindle e-reader will become Amazon’s first e-reader that, with an included stylus pen, will enable the user to make lists, annotate and even draw on it.

Kindle Scribe Cost:

Kindle Scribe is launched in the US first and it’s made available for pre-order with a starting price of $339 and up to $449 including the basic/premium stylus pen that gets attached to the device magnetically. Amazon will start delivering it from November 30 this year.

Kindle Scribe Features:

Kindle Scribe
Amazon Kindle Scribe/ Pic: Amazon

The Kindle Scribe has a 10.2” large high-resolution 300 ppi glare free paperwhite display which is the largest among its predecessors. There are three storage options available of scribe- 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. The charge free stylus pen makes it ideal for studying and working. It’s available only in Wi-Fi only option. Also, Scribe lets the user adjust the warm light according to eye comfort.

According to Amazon the Scribe’s battery lasts up to 3 months if we read daily for half an hour and up to 21 days if we write daily for half an hour. It takes 2.5hrs to full charge the battery through 9watt type-c power adapter(included).

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