Apple Warns Against Putting a Wet iPhone in Rice — Here is What to Do Instead

Apple’s recent advisory sheds light on a common yet potentially harmful practice when dealing with wet iPhones – the use of rice as a drying agent. In a newly released support note, the technology giant delves into the reasons behind discouraging the age-old remedy, emphasizing that placing a water-soaked mobile device in a bag of rice could inadvertently introduce small rice particles that might cause damage to the intricate components of an iPhone.

i phone in rice
Iphone in rice | Image- Google

The caution extends beyond rice, with Apple also highlighting two other counterproductive methods for handling wet devices.

Firstly, the company advises against using external heat sources or compressed air for drying, as these methods can lead to further complications. Secondly, inserting foreign objects like cotton swabs or paper towels into the device’s connector is strongly discouraged, as it poses risks of causing internal damage.

In lieu of these ineffective practices, Apple offers a step-by-step guide in its latest 2024 support document. As per Apple’s recommendation, when an iPhone encounters water and triggers an alert disabling charging, users are instructed to tap the device gently against their hand, with the connector facing down. This action aims to dislodge any residual liquid within the device.

Subsequently, the iPhone is to be placed in a dry area with ample airflow for a minimum of 30 minutes. After this waiting period, users can attempt to charge the device or connect an accessory to assess whether the warning persists.

Should the alert reappear during these attempts, Apple underscores the presence of lingering liquid. In such cases, users are advised to extend the dry period for their iPhone, exercising patience to ensure that all moisture is thoroughly removed.

Apple’s commitment to user education and device care is evident in these detailed instructions, providing a comprehensive guide for users facing the unfortunate circumstance of a wet iPhone. It reinforces the company’s dedication to user experience and maintaining the integrity of their devices.

It’s worth noting that Apple’s latest iterations, the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro, introduced in September 2023, showcase the company’s ongoing commitment to innovation and user-centric design.

Available in regular and larger “Max” sizes, and featuring an array of colors, these devices run on the cutting-edge iOS 17 operating system, further solidifying Apple’s position at the forefront of mobile technology.

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